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Tired of digging every time your septic tank needs to be pumped?  Ever had to pay $100.00 dollars to have it dug up for you?  Well, we have the answer!

Have a Riser installed on your septic tank and never have to dig or pay someone to dig again!

Current Lane County Sanitation codes require that all new septic tanks installed come equipped with risers attached.

What is a riser you ask?  A Riser is a Large heavy duty PVC tube made especially for septic tanks that replaces the current door on your tank and bring a new door closer to the surface of the ground.

Depending on the customers preference, the lid of the Riser can either be just below surface level so you don't even know it is there, or at surface level so you will never forget where your tank door is again.

Riser’s are a cost effective and quick solution to septic problems as well.  Ever had your septic tank back up into the house?  With a riser, by removing the two bolts that attach the lid to the riser, a quick assessment can be made to tell whether or not your tank is full and could be the culprit behind your backup.

Riser’s come in a full range of sizes and can be attached to almost any septic tank.  So save yourself the time, hassle and money you’d spend having your tank dug up and have one installed with your next cleaning.